Acamedium web design division is ANY1 Ltd. Same great team!

  • Socialising research

    Collaborate with other researchers. Acamedium platform enables you to follow other researches and see their website updates such as adding new papers, etc.
  • A Website Built For Researchers!

    a platform with unique features like Publications, Biography, CV, etc.  Presentations specifically for PhD students and researchers.

Welcome to Acamedium

Aacamedium is an effective communication bridge. A gateway between academics and industry, which is accessible. A personal website designed for academics and structured to encourage them use non-technical language can help academics sell themselves better, explain their research and its application, translate their research to simple easy to understand language, and help global research collaboration easier.

There are three different side into this:

Attract more students
Get more commercial research contracts

Get more citation by be more visible on Google
Get more contracts from industry

Cheaper and faster research and development
Better products/services


Looking for our Web Design service?

Our web design and app development devision is now separate. You can still check out our portfolio. Same great team! Please visit

ANY1 is a web and media development agency. We design with our team of skilled web developers based in central Guildford just outside of London.

We specialise in website design, website development, online marketing, video-on-demand solutions and search engine optimisation (SEO) – simply put, we design and build websites that rank highly in search engines like that attract a lot of traffic, using latest tools and technologies to deliver highest quality standards. We offer a wide range of technology services from support to smartphone apps.

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